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Loan facility to a BEd Student.

We all are facing problem in our day to day life. Problem is mostly affected by our income source. In these pandemic situation since last 3 yrs only midle class persons are in survival zone. Rich persons have enough money to continue their lives. Poor people are protected by Govt with Rasan card ,Ahar yojana, kalia yojana, Ayusman Bharat yojana. Only middle class family are harassed by their house rent, Company job, EMI failure etc.

But In this year 2022 some relaxation came about Corona cases. Schools, Colleges are reopened. Income of a family is gradually going to be stable. In this moderate situation if a family will avail loan with 0% intrest rate for their children,s higher studies then that family will really obliged.

In Odisha One and only Anuska Group of Education has lunched a plan for middle class family that students can fulfill their higher studies by getting loan in 0% intrest. So many students can fulfill their dreams by this plan. The loan facility is for BEd,MEd,BPEd,MEd,BHEd, Siksha sastri,BA,BSc,BCom,MA,MSc,MCom, MBA,MCA,BBA,BCA etc Courses.

Rebatikanta Mohapatra

Director of Anuska Group of Education

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